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About Steph

Avid reader, coffee mug collector, feminist, hausfrau, doer, traveler. Likes: talking books, fresh sheets, open windows, lists, cooking, nail polish, creative curse words, Dirty Dancing, being beside the sea, laughing raucously, the benevolent and karmic nature of the universe, and organizing. Dislikes: poor grammar, whining, being patronized, heels, passive aggressiveness, and entitlement.

You can find me blogging at Life According to Steph, telling it like it is live from Philadelphia or from Ocean City, NJ, a lot of weekends. I blog about life in general – reading, recipes, my three pugs, things that annoy me, my card of a husband, and whatever else floats my boat.

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Avid reader, binge watcher, reluctant cheer mom, dog owner. Likes: talking books, penguins, rock music, nail polish, makeup, sunsets, 80s movies, gel ink pens, iced tea, baseball, frosting,  dogs and cats, and sarcasm. Dislikes: shoes, bad grammar, orange flavored anything, horses, this one guy who lives in my neighborhood, and bullies.

You find me blogging at Jana Says, where I talk about books (of course), mental health issues, random thoughts, and whatever else finds its way from my brain to the keyboard.

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